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What’s Trending in Oral Care? Consult Your Orthodontist, Not The Internet

February 22, 2022

Technology and ongoing research and development have yielded many advances in orthodontics, and we at Orthodontics at Jackson Heights Smiles are proud to bring them to our many patients. Clear aligners, more comfortable braces, streamlined procedures, and digital imaging are just a few of the advanced options that have become part of the menu of treatments we employ to create healthy, radiant, long-lasting smiles.

Unfortunately, the technology that aids health professionals and their patients has also spawned the rapid rise in misinformation via the internet and on social media. Some of the latest misinformation being spread on social media concerning oral health can be dangerous, and it’s important for us to step in and make sure the public is getting accurate information about how to care for their teeth.

One disturbing trend that’s on our radar is the crude, do-it-yourself practice of filing your own teeth to change their shape or smoothness. Anyone who believes that this method is harmless is mistaken. Our teeth don’t grow back, so once their protective enamel coating is removed, it’s gone forever. You’re at risk or losing the tooth entirely, or at best contending with sensitivity.

Another dangerous do-it-yourself scam is a tongue placement technique known as “mewing” that erroneously claims to help users define their jawlines, reduce jaw pain and alleviate headaches. We caution our patients that facial restructuring is a complex process. Using the tongue to force these changes can cause tooth alignment issues that throw your bite, your speech and your ability to swallow out of whack completely. 

The processes of shaping teeth and aligning your jaw and bite are complex; that’s why our orthodontist at Orthodontics at Jackson Heights Smiles has completed additional training beyond dental school and had years of experience in this specialty. You simply cannot replace all that expertise through an internet search. Please contact our office today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Orthodontic Office in Astoria
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