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The Difference Between Clear Aligners and Conventional Braces

October 10, 2019

At the office of Orthodontics at Jackson Heights Smiles, our experienced, highly skilled team uses the latest techniques to correct a wide range of orthodontic problems — giving all our patients something to smile about!

Clear aligners have been revolutionizing orthodontic treatments, offering care that is more discreet, comfortable and convenient than ever before. However, despite the fact that clear aligners can effectively straighten many smiles, conventional appliances may be the most appropriate option in care for certain types of malocclusions and complex issues affecting the alignment of the teeth and bite.

Fortunately, over the years conventional orthodontic braces have become more streamlined, less bulky and more efficient. While orthodontic brackets have long been available in stainless steel, they are also fabricated from more cosmetic ceramic materials.

Of course, the most most important benefit conventional braces offer is that they offer the highest level of control and precision when moving the teeth and bite into improved alignment. With conventional appliances large corrections and certain movements of teeth that may not be possible with aligners can be accomplished.  And, with a lower profile than in years past, they are kinder to the tissues, easier to keep clean, and more comfortable all around.

While there may be some initial discomfort when braces are placed or adjusted, it is usually short-lived and easily managed. Most patients become accustomed to their braces — they may even forget they have them on.

Are braces better than clear aligners? Ultimately it comes down to determining what your particular needs are and deciding which option will best meet that need for you.  

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